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Acknowledge and reward community contributions, build a culture of giving and gratitude

As decentralized organizations grow it is challenging to involve the whole community in determining what contributions to value. Praise invites communities to build a culture of giving and gratitude, reward contributions to the community and involve the community every step of the way.

By using Praise, communities acknowledge the full spectrum of value created - ranging from small to large contributions. Even contributions made outside of any platform can be praised. Praise allows for bottom up value systems to emerge by listening to what the community values.

Praise has been tried and tested in communities such as the Token Engineering Commons, Commons Stack and Giveth.

Praise is similar to a team allocation in other token economies, but done via a unique distributed signal aggregation approach intended to achieve many goals:

โœ… Acknowledge and reward full spectrum contributions. โœ… A clear and transparent process with full community involvement. โœ… Create a culture of giving and gratitude. โœ… Instigate decentralized updates about work being done. โœ… Focus on transparency and data analysis