Unlock the full potential of your community with reputation scores, rewards and deep insights

Praise is a community intelligence system that promotes active participation and collaboration through peer recognition and rewards. We help communities become more intelligent, productive and inclusive by providing a simple way for community members to acknowledge, praise and reward each otherโ€™s contributions.

How does it work?

/praise @vitalik.eth for "inventing Ethereumโ€œ

Community members interact with a Discord Praise bot to acknowledge each other's contributions. This bottom-up approach to value recognition keeps the community engaged and invested. Praise can recognize any contribution, big or small, and even those made outside of any platform. This improves cooperation and promotes a more positive and productive community.

A culture of giving and gratitude

Four reasons to Praise

1. Community Intelligence

Use Praise for insight into how your community works. Praise provides all kinds of data analysis and reports. We call it community intelligence.

2. Reputation

The Praise contribution graph represents a verifiable record of community contributions - who did what, when and to what impact?!

3. Rewards

Use Praise to reward contributors based on actual contributions and impact. Praise integrates with a number of token distribution platforms.

4. Culture of giving and gratitude

Use Praise to build a culture of cooperation, giving, and gratitude within your community. Research has shown that praise can reinforce positive feelings and strengthen bonds between people. In online communities, this can be especially important for creating a sense of community and fostering cooperation.