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Recognize and reward community contributions, foster a culture of giving and gratitude.

As decentralized organizations grow in size, it becomes difficult to involve the community in determining what contributions to value. Praise encourages communities to cultivate a culture of giving and gratitude by recognizing and rewarding contributions.

By listening to what the community values and involving members every step of the way, praise allows bottom-up value systems to emerge. This bottom-up approach to value creation is essential for ensuring that the community remains invested and engaged.

Praise is used to recognize the full range of value created, from minor to major contributions. Contributions made outside of any platform can also be recognized. This promotes a more positive and productive community as a whole.

Who uses Praise?โ€‹

Praise has been tried and tested in communities such as the Token Engineering Commons, Commons Stack and Giveth.

Recognizing contributions, but how?โ€‹

Praise integrates with the community's existing tools and platforms. It can be used to recognize contributions made on GitHub, Discord, Twitter, Telegram, and more. It can also be used to recognize contributions made outside of any platform. To recognize a contribution, a member of the community simply needs to interact with the praise bot:

/praise @vitalik.eth for "inventing Ethereum"

On what platforms is Praise available?โ€‹

The praise bot currently is available for Discord. More platforms will be added in the future.