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Step 1 – Praise

Praise helps build strong communities by fostering a spirit of cooperation and mutual support. Praising strengthen ties between people. When we receive praise from someone, it reinforces our positive feelings towards them and helps to build a stronger sense of connection. Praise can also help to build a sense of community by helping to create a sense of shared purpose. When we praise someone, we are acknowledging that they are doing something important for the community.

Praising is easy! Community members acknowledge each others contributions by interacting with a chat bot. Currently the bot is available for Discord communities, but we are working on adding support for other platforms.

Praise like this:

/praise @jessica "for always showing up to the quantification review calls with
such gusto, she always provides such great feedback and well-
thought observations into our reward system and analysis."

In the above example, Jessica is given clear praise for her contributions to the community. Not only is she "showing up", she also does it with "gusto" and provides great feedback. This is a great example of how to praise someone.

See more examples of praise: Writing excellent Praise

In the next section, we will walk you through the responsibilities of Quantifiers and the quantification process.